Family Pathfinder

A Caravan Escort

Session 01

Commander’s Log:

The winter solstice approaches, and the grain harvest from southwestern Lastwall has arrived in Castle Firrine, ready for transport to Vigil for distribution. Furthermore, the ward has discharged a handful of soldiers into the greater service in Vigil. I am tasked with seeing to this delivery. It is winter, so marauding orcs will be unlikely… though more than orcs stalk the roads of Lastwall. The staff sergeant informed me that the caravan will be short three souls of the full compliment for the wagons and horse train. It seems as though Breezemane will have a chance to stretch his wings… but I must find a scout of some sort, and perhaps an arcane talent as well.

My evening visit to The Black Cockerel tavern was most rewarding; an evoker by the name of Kaidan (Ky) and his catfolk companion, Alyris, seemed fit for escort, and somewhat desperate for the money. Against my better judgment, I did not inquire further than essential details as to their status and position, being pressed for time to acquire the necessary compliment. At some point, however, I fully intend to find out how two out of place and oddly-appareled individuals managed to find respite in Firrine without having their names mentioned in the gate report.

Whatever their origins, Kaidan and Alyris are capable combatants. Our caravan was set upon by a Winter Wolf and it’s pack of wargs. There was also an Ogre that may have posed a substantial threat or demand of horsemeat – in either case, there was no time for a diplomatic solution. Thanks to their adept talents (and those of the carvan compliment) we managed to arrive in Vigil with no loss of life nor horse.

The Undersecretary’s Office provided compensation for the farmer’s grain and the escort’s pay, as well as updating the arms and armament of my soldiers. A wagon of grain will be sent forward to Hammer Rock, along with more – albeit new – personnel and clergy for the winter solstice of Desna.

The way is purloined by a gang of ghouls, which seem to be led by a former Paladin of my Lady of Justice, slain by them not a month less. It is a matter of public safety – and personal honor – to dispatch the ghouls and release our fallen brother from his undue turning.

We met our quarry one day shy of Hammer Rock. The combat was swift, and only Ghrison took wounds. Mostly, the gang of ghouls was decimated by Kaidan’s use of the arcane arts, and the Ghoul ranger was no match for his catfolk counterpart. As for the Paladin, our Lady of Justice was swift and true with her sword in my hands, and he was put to rest before his ghoulish remains could inflict unwanted damage to the living.

Whilst the caravan escort celebrates the solstice with the house of Desna, I have taken the task of delivering the paladin’s identifiable remains and defaced holy symbol to the Temple of Iomedae back in Vigil, for a proper burial. May winter cease to grow darker, with the light of our Lady.


Notsonoble Antininus

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