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Early Morning Wealday, 21 Kuthona 4716 AR -- Hammer Rock

The New Journal of Ky

A caravan escort and a time revealed.

Having been awakened from a sound sleep by the sound and bright light of explosions and having taken my turn to watch our gear and loot, the time has come to commit more of the happenings of the last few days to paper.

I now know that we arrived in the hayloft of one of Castle Firrine’s stables around the 5th or 6th of Kuthona 4716 Absalom Reckoning and met Vaykter on the evening of the 13th. The next morning, on the way to meet the caravan, I was playing with the Dancing Lights since the narrow streets were still fairly dark and I was hoping to make Alyris laugh or something. I was worried about her. Whatever brought us here to this world (I’m pretty sure this is a different world, not just some unknown part of ours) has affected Alyris much differently than it did me. All the time I’ve known her she was outgoing with strong opinions on most everything. Since we got here she has been more like the scared kitten trying not to be noticed. Although she has seemed to improve a little each day I was afraid it would affect her combat skills. Boy was I worrying for nothing! When we were set upon by the Winter Wolf and a pack of wargs her “situational awareness” and the range and accuracy of her shots were as good or better than ever. I too am having some lingering effects of whatever sent us here. I find I can’t always remember casting spells under stress. I don’t know what I did against the wolf and wargs but I must have done something effective since Vaykter asked both myself and Alyris to continue with the caravan to Hammer Rock.

Later that day Vaykter briefed us on what to expect and worked to provide us with access to upgraded gear. The QM provided me with an arcane scroll of “Protection from Evil.” I put it away till the end of the day since I was afraid that this world might record arcane knowledge in some language I could not understand. A magic user who can’t read magic would raise questions best left unanswered. Imagine my relief when I opened the scroll and discovered that I could read and understand it! I made a point to study the scroll and add the spell to my spellbook before bed.

The first day and night out of Vigil was thankfully uneventful.

The next day however was not. We met a gang of ghouls led by a fallen Paladin and accompanied by a ghoul ranger. Most of the ghouls were close enough to each other and far enough from us for me to try a brand new spell — Ice Storm. It was effective. It wiped out most of the ghouls. I could tell while casting it that it was something I had practiced some but, for me, there is nothing like casting a spell for the first time against real enemies. I almost always notice something interesting after the first true casting. For Ice Storm I noticed that the direction of movement in the spell is the reverse of what it is with my fire and electricity based spells. In those spells I feel like I am drawing the power to me and then pushing it out to manifest as fire or sparks. With this spell it felt like removing the power from above the ghouls caused the ice to appear and fall.
Alyris took out the ghoul ranger and Vaykter and Breezemane took out the fallen paladin. Breezemane and Vaykter are like no “mount and rider” i have ever seen. They seem to almost know each other’s thoughts. They remind me of Walsharno and Bahzell, characters in a story my dad used to read to me when I was a kid.

The rest of the trip was quiet. I spent most of my time trying to identify and appraise the loot we picked up. We got into Hammer Rock in the evening before the Solstice. Most of the locals wanted to participate in the all day and night solstice festivities and Vaykter was returning the paladin’s remains to Vigil, so we took over a barracks building and agreed to take turns watching each other’s gear and the loot till Vaykter returned. I was sleeping before my morning shift when the world erupted in explosions. After leaping out of the bed I find Grihson calmly looking out the window.
“What the hell is going on?” I ask.
Grihson says it is just the Solstice Fireworks starting. I stop and pay attention to the feel of magic around me and find nothing really complex or dangerous but definitely strong enough to put on a big light show and make a lot of noise. I wander over to join Grihson at the window and see this:


“Great day in the Morning time!!” I exclaimed. Then almost giggled because for once Mom’s curse almost made sense. Grihson gave me a weird look and I added, “If I ever meet that Wizard I will have to buy him a drink. Just can’t tell him why.” Seeing that Grihson was totally confused now I said, “I won’t be able to go back to sleep so you might as well go enjoy the Solsitce. I’ll take care of things here. Just make sure someone brings me some lunch!”

Well…that’s one less awkward question to worry about. At least now I know what year it is. … Unless the stupid wizard forgot to change the spell from last year….

—Thus ends another entry.


Notsonoble Antininus

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