Family Pathfinder

A Journey To Hammer Rock

the first session

My memory is hazy. We’re not from around here.

I’d be sure of that, even if we didn’t get stares everywhere we go.

The occasion of our arrival left me in less than perfect working order — in fact, I feel as though I have landed face-first after falling off a mountain. I rather have the impression other party members think I look a bit like that happened, too.

But I digress. What’s important is that we gathered a party, and took a job.

Kydan the Wizard and Alyris the Ranger hired on with Vayktor to escort a supply convoy of wagons with a horse train.
Kydan the Wizard is a 7th-level evoker. Alyris the Ranger is a 7th-level archer. There are a variety of others in the party; it will be well to let Vayktor describe and elucidate them in his adventure logs.
Noble provided Game Mastery for us on this journey. We had two encounters of combat, and at the end of the session we had acquired 2,370 Experience points.
- Alyris’ entry ends

Updated to correct XP to 2370 and to note that the starting XP was 35,000 so the current XP should be 37,370. The next level is at 51,000.


Notsonoble sarah_hays

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