Family Pathfinder

Marching Orders

Session 01, Scene 02 (Interlude)

Commander’s Log, Supplemental:

Solstice is one day past; today marks the beginning of daylight triumphing over darkness. I left the detachment under my command in the safe haven of Hammer Rock, whilst I completed the task of returning the effects of a fallen Paladin to the Temple of Our Lady.

The onslaught of warring orc hordes and undead throngs has taken its toll on the retinue of Iomedae clergy; fortunately, the winter’s chill has given a breath of respite – enough for the consecration service of a new tower, and the commencement of this year’s Lastwall Academy graduates. I caught up with my former trainer, and happened to spy an oathmate from my own order: Tobyn of Grimmnacht. It was an unsettling reunion, much to my surprise.

“So, it seems you’ve been promoted to commander, and posted at Firrine”, Tobyn always had a knack for stating the obvious, but mostly because the cogs of his mind were plotting the personal advantages and opportunities known only to him until he saw fit to share.

“Indeed. Although my patrols through Northern Fangwood are paused for now, I still manage to find ways to get out and stretch my legs.”

“No doubt, Breezemane appreciates it as well,” he added.

“No doubt.” I could tell the cogs were already in motion.

“I say, where is the old boy, anyway?” Tobyn feigned a look around the courtyard of the Academy in dramatic theatrical flare.

“I’m his friend, not his stablemaster. I’ll have little trouble finding him when it’s time to return to Hammer Rock.”

“You couldn’t be more precise,” Tobyn grinned, “in the void of your presence, the Council of Defense has appointed my retinue to rearguard patrol in Northern Fangwood. Since you’re tied up with command obligations, perhaps Breezemane might enjoy wandering the familiar paths of his forest over against the cobblestones of Castle Firrine.”

It would be unfair to assume that Tobyn actually enjoyed coming between a man and his mount, but I certainly did not appreciate the feeling of loss – nor the cold reasonableness of Tobyn’s argument.

“The thing about Pegasi, Tobyn, is that they choose their companions. I didn’t choose for Breezemane to accompany me. If you can convince him of your worthiness and your cause – just as I once did – I am sure you’ll be better for his company. I will ask him to meet with you, and I will take Cyrus – my trusted steed – back to Hammer Rock. We’ll come through Vigil in a fortnight or so. Perhaps by then, Breezemane will have made his decision.”

Although I was thankful for the familiar company of my old mount, the landlocked trot back to Hammer Rock was lonely at best, and cold- always.


Notsonoble Antininus

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