Family Pathfinder

First Entry -- Hammer Rock -- 20 Kuthona 4716 AR

The New Journal of Ky

Having acquired some local coin and a few days of rest, waiting upon Vaykter of Firrine’s return, the time has come to write down and try to make sense of this fascinating new world and how we got here.

A few days ago Alyris and I found ourselves in Castle Firrine. How we got there is a mystery. My memory is like the “fog of war.” Almost seen images, disorienting sounds, and faint whiffs of odd odors come and go like the will ’o wisp. The harder I try to remember the denser the fog. The one thing I remember clearly is the sensation of immensely powerful magic… So anyway: After laying low for a couple of days while reading and listening to everything I could find we decided to brave a public space, The Black Cockerel. Here we met Vaykter. He seemed to be looking for quick help so we offered our services hoping not to have to answer too many questions. He offered to pay 750 gold each to help protect a caravan going to Vigil. We accepted.

I’ll have to stop here for tonight.
—-Thus ends the first entry.


Notsonoble jkhii

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